5th August 2019

All Under One Roof

These days it is much more common to see multiple generations living in the same home. In fact, 1.8 million households now span two or more adult generations –  up 38% since 2009.

For those looking for bathroom designs which cater to people of all ages and levels of mobility, we’ve put together our top tips on how to make a bathroom work for the whole family.

  • Easy access washbasins

Wall hung basins provide the ultimate flexibility and can be positioned at a height that even the smallest member of the family can reach without difficulty. However, easy access functionality doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and there are many different luxurious designs to choose from. Deep washbasins are a current hot trend which also make splash-free hand washing easy for both elderly and young family members.

  • Avoiding sharp edges

Some modern bathroom designs make the most of sleek, curved fixtures and fittings to maximise the flow through the room. This not only adds a sense of ‘wow’ to the space, but in a multi-generation household it also means there is less chance of  vulnerable people catching themselves on sharp corners. Check out our Reveal or Camber marble washbains that provide a smooth statement with no pointed edges.

  • Super storage

Smart bathroom storage is vital in busy homes to keep the clutter at bay. Not only is it unhygienic to have multiple toothbrushes or towels lying around, it can also be dangerous if things like medication are not stored in a safe place. Even toiletries, make-up and cleaning products can take up every inch of surface space, detracting from what should be a soothing atmosphere. Tall units and two or three drawer bathroom furniture from HiB Novum, especially those which include draw dividers, are the perfect option for stowing away the essentials and achieving a clutter-free sanctuary.

  • Cutting condensation

Wet rooms have grown in popularity in homes which need better bathroom accessibility and are short on space. It’s not the most glamorous feature of the bathroom, but giving ventilation proper consideration is essential to avoid the damaging effects of steam and condensation. Look for powerful, yet slimline fans, such as our Cyclone range, which feature adjustable, ‘run-on’ timers that can be set for different periods of time. Some models even feature LED lights for that extra atmospheric touch.