17th February 2017

Apex Cabinets reach the Pinnacle of Design Excellence

HiB’s continues to be committed to ‘making bathrooms beautiful’ with the launch of its latest aluminium cabinet – the Apex. Based on the very popular Alpine mirror design launched last year, the new cabinet continues the minimalistic design trend. The new Apex cabinet features double sided mirror doors, with outstanding LED illumination across the top of the cabinet. The 50cm cabinet comes with one charging socket, whilst the 60cm/80cm versions now come with two charging sockets, ensuring the whole family can charge their toothbrushes, easily and conveniently.  Furthermore, the mirrored sides reflect beautifully the surrounding wall or tiles. For ease of use, a clever soft-start touch enables users to turn the lighting on and off or hold to select the desired colour temperature from the full spectrum of warm to cool white light.  They will then remain in default mode until changed. Apex is available in four different sizes;  Apex 50 – 50 x 75cm Apex 60 – 60 x 75cm Apex 80 – 80 x 75cm Apex 100 – 100 x 75cm