7th February 2020

Around The World In Different Ways – UPDATE

We’ve Made It To Dublin – Week 1

Our team goal this year is to travel around the World, approximately 30,000 miles, (a thousand miles for every year HiB has been trading) on a route which will take us to countries both North and South of the equator. We celebrate our first stop today, Dublin. We have decorated both Inspire House and London office with an Irish theme.



City Country Miles Progress
HiB, New Southgate (NLBP) UK
HiB, Tamworth (IH) UK 91.00 Completed
Dublin Ireland 291.00 WE ARE HERE
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada 2885.00
New York City, New York USA 3478.00
Washington, Mary Land USA 3677.00
Orlando, Florida USA 4441.00
Havana Cuba 4814.00
Kingston Jamaica 5317.00
Panama City Panama 5963.00
Bogota Columbia 6454.00
Quito Ecuador 6901.00
Lima Peru 7758.00
La,Paz Bolivia 8379.00
Cordoba Argentina 9435.00
Santiago Chile 9858.00
Auckland New Zealand 15836.00
Brisbane Australia 17265.00
Port Moresby Papua New Guinea 18570.00
Manila Philippines 21024.00
Hong Kong China 21739.00
Hanoi Vietnam 22236.00
Mandalay Burma 22888.00
Dhaka Bangladesh 23280.00
Kathmandu Nepal 23696.00
New Delhi India 24193.00
Karachi Pakistan 24877.00
Muscat Oman 25436.00
Abu Dhabi UAE 25691.00
Riyadh Saudi Arabia 26176.00
Tel Aviv Israel 27052.00
Damascus Syria 27195.00
Nicosia Cyprus 27391.00
Istanbul Turkey 27860.00
Sofia Bulgaria 28171.00
Belgrade Serbia 28376.00
Zagreb Croatia 28606.00
Budapest Hungary 28792.00
Vienna Austria 28926.00
Prague Czech 29085.00
Frankfurt Germany 29335.00
Luxembourg Luxembourg 29454.00
Paris France 29681.00
Brussels Belgium 29796.00
HiB, New Southgate (NLBP) UK 30000.00

How We Got Here… The Stories

Kelly our Logistics Office Administrator kick things off with a 3 mile walk with Smudge who’s now having a well earned rest.

Our Quality Assurance department also clock up over 200 miles this week by using exercise bikes , helping us reach the target to get us to Dublin.

Seán one of our Area Sales Managers braved a Wet and freezing Scotland achieving 22miles on his road bike.

Every mile counts and some of our staff taking an afternoon stroll during their lunch break.

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