17th October 2018

Best For… Minimalism

Tidy home, tidy mind: the appearance of our living spaces can have a dramatic effect on our mood. Modern society is fast-paced, and constantly connected which can leave us feeling tired and burnt-out. Minimalism continues to be such a popular design trend because the clean lines and pared-back décor help to foster a feeling of tranquillity within the home. As one of the rare places where it’s typical to be alone, the bathroom is the perfect space to apply minimalist principles. Crisp white and cool grey colours work perfectly together to promote cleanliness and calmness. When it comes to bathroom furniture, mirrored recessed cabinets have been designed with minimalism in mind, offering useful hidden storage and a flush finish when closed. With space in the modern bathroom at a premium,wall hung furniture is also really making its mark. Featuring sharp, angular lines and understated detailing, the HiB Novum Prima range provides a generous amount of storage and transforms bathrooms into clean, elegant spaces. Featuring a built-in, cleverly designed integral shelf and storage compartments with individual tray organisers, no space is wasted, meaning the bathroom stays free of clutter. Add chrome handles and ‘soft close’ features for that extra touch of luxury.