29th May 2018

Best For… Wetroom Ventilation

There is no doubt about it: the wetroom sector has already seen phenomenal growth, and it looks as though it will only continue to gain traction over the coming years. In fact, according to the latest AMA Research study, demand for wetrooms in the UK has increased significantly in recent times, with a predicted overall growth of 18 per cent between 2017 and 2021. This, combined with the fact that consumers are increasingly treating the bathroom as a peaceful, comfortable space to retreat to after a busy day, means that it’s key to be able to offer customers effective yet quiet extraction power. Ventilation is incredibly important throughout the home, but perhaps nowhere more so than a wetroom, with hundreds of litres of water passing through it each week. Ideally, the wetroom would feature a window to aid ventilation, but homeowners must also consider an extractor fan to prevent mould from developing in the room. When aiding homeowners in choosing the right fan for a wetroom, suggest units with a high extraction rate to ensure all of the moisture is removed. For instance, our Cyclone High Powered Inline Fans offer extraction rates of 210m³/hr, with near silent noise levels of only 32dB for the least possible disturbance for the homeowner. For added appeal, it also has the option of including either a warm or cool white LED shower light, which can be chosen according to the homeowner’s preference. A timer function is an equally attractive feature. Adjusted to the homeowner’s preference, any residual moisture can continue to be extracted when the bathroom door is closed and the light is off, guaranteeing a dry space. Modern households are demanding more from their extractor fans, such as efficiency, subtle aesthetics and silence, so check out our range and stay ahead of the game. Find out more about HiB’s range of ventilation solutions by clicking here.