11th February 2013

Bluetooth in the Bathroom

We now live in an age where every room in the home contributes towards our lifestyles and wellbeing. The bathroom is no exception – it’s no longer a mono-functional area but rather one of private time, a place in which you can have luxury and relax in a very personal way. Music and entertainment, 24-hour news and a global information flow are all important threads in a busy modern life. HiB, always at the cutting edge of technology in the bathroom, are pleased to introduce the Pulse and Vibe Mirrors, which incorporate Bluetooth technology to bring your personal music or radio station into your bathroom. The Mirrors will operate with any Bluetooth enabled device like a smart phone, tablet or laptop, so that the user can access music collections or any internet radio station in the world via an appropriate app. With discreet speakers in the side of the mirror, the controls are all via the mobile device, leaving the original mirror design sleek and clean. Both Vibe and Pulse – one a portrait format and the other landscape – are LED backlit with a heated pad and sensor switch included as standard and have integrated low energy LED illumination. Vibe Vibe H70 x W50 x D7cm Pulse Pulse H60 x W80 x D7cm