16th September 2020

Bringing the outside in – The rise in house plants

If you love keeping up with the latest home trends and have been trawling the Instagram profiles of interior designers recently, you’ve likely seen the rise in the popularity of houseplants. With 2020 being the year of staying indoors, many homeowners have been swapping soft furnishings in favour of plants, to bring a touch of nature into the home.
One room which has seen perhaps the biggest rise plants is the bathroom, with families finding spots for leafy additions in various settings around the home. But plants aren’t just great for decoration. They can serve a purpose too.
Indoor plants are known for purifying the air and allow homeowners to incorporate nature into the room. Plants are renowned for removing some airborne toxins and though not as powerful as a mechanical purifier, they can go some way to helping keep the air fresh and clean.
They’re also perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you’re looking to design a tranquil, serene space in the bathroom, plants are ideal for producing a sense of calm and a natural ambience.
Before heading to the garden centre or homeware shop for your new houseplant, choosing the right furniture with space for plants in mind is essential. By placing plants in focal points around the room, you can accentuate the style choices in particular areas or draw the eye to specific spaces.
Using a vessel basin with countertop, such as the ones available from HiB Novum, can provide the perfect place for an aloe vera or spider plant. While still providing an elegant area to complete your morning or evening routine, this combination of basin and countertop still offers ample space for decorative items or everyday essentials, opening up more opportunities for that stylistic touch.

Macramé hung plant pots can be suspended from the ceiling and can brighten up a dark corner or can be fantastic for framing a mirror or cabinet. You can even branch out and place trailing plants around the bath or shower to bring the outdoors closer to home.
For more inspiration on the types of bathroom furniture perfect for creating a stylish, tranquil atmosphere and providing a home for houseplants, click here to see our HiB Novum range. You can also follow our design inspirations at our Instagram page, click here to take a look!