Essence Recessed Cabinets

The sleek, seamless look of the Essence recessed cabinet offers  the perfect bathroom storage solution. From a practical perspective, it also allows further space above the basin, avoiding any potential bumps on the head which might result from large, non-recessed, options.

More and more developers are investing in false walls to accommodate these flush finish units, and whilst some might be intimidated by the fitting process of a recessed cabinet, it’s actually a much simpler job than they might think.


  • Recessed cabinet
  • 12.3cm recessed depth
  • Double sided mirror door(s)
  • Push to open doors
  • Mirror back panel

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Essence Recessed Cabinets are available in four sizes:

Essence 50 Cabinet 50 x 70cm
Essence 60 Cabinet 60 x 70cm
Essence 80 Cabinet 80 x 70cm
Essence 120 Cabinet 120 x 70cm

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