19th November 2018

Curves Are In

The bathroom is a place of ultimate relaxation, so it should come as no surprise that curves are bang on trend when it comes to décor that exudes a soothing vibe. Softer-edged bathroom products have been gaining momentum this year, from rounded taps to curvaceous baths, and mirrors are no exception. This trend is set to accelerate as consumers aim to give their bathrooms a more delicate look following the stark minimalism of recent years. Circular mirrors are ideal for householders who want a more relaxed, indulgent feel for their space, and models which can add to this atmosphere are a sure-fire win. A circular mirror makes a luxurious alternative to angular mirrors and offers a more relaxing finish thanks to its soft edges. For example, the circular Sphere range features illuminating LEDs, offering a dramatic solar eclipse effect. Its colour temperature changing light allows users to effortlessly adjust the ambience of their bathroom, making all the difference in creating a relaxing experience. When it comes to furniture, those with rounded edges create a subdued flair while without sacrificing practicality. The Camber range is a perfect example of this style. Available in a minimalist palette of White, Light Grey and Anthracite these monochrome colours bring more attention to shape over colour whilst maintaining a contemporary finish. Curves are timeless, for both the feeling of comfort they provide and their ability to make homeowners’ bathrooms truly stand out.