24th June 2019

Easy Ways To Integrate The Latest Bathroom Trends Into Your Space

Just like the rest of the home, trends for bathrooms are constantly evolving. According to The Telegraph, top picks for the rest of 2019 include bold colours, high technology and spa-like serenity. Here’s how you can get these looks with furniture, mirrors, cabinets and lighting:

Bold colours

The use of colour in bathrooms is largely uncharted territory. Save for a brief blip in the 1970s when avocado suites were en vogue, white has traditionally been the go-to shade.

According to The Telegraph’s style gurus, dark muted colours are set to take over thanks to their ability to create a sultry and intimate atmosphere.

Painting your walls black might be a step too far, but you can still get the look with our range of bathroom furniture in an array of dark, stylish colours and finishes. The Tempt range includes floorstanding, wall-hung and midi storage units in anthracite and walnut finishes, whilst our contemporary classic Kingsbury range offers a deep blue finish known as Henley Blue.

If you just want to dabble in the trend, why not try a bold light fixture instead? Our ultra-smart Rhythm ceiling light allows you to scroll through a selection of colours including red, green and blue hues to create a whole new level of ambience.

High technology

As well as offering striking shades, Rhythm also ticks the technology box thanks to a BluetoothTM-enabled speaker that allows you to play your favourite music, podcasts or audiobooks straight from a mobile device. A waterproof remote control means you can adjust the volume, skip a track and even change the dimmable LED light without having to get out of the bath or shower.

Another high-tech option is a proximity sensor operated cabinet with LED illumination and heated mirror pads, such as our Vapor range. It stays activated for five minutes after activation, meaning when you finish your shower, the mirrored doors will remain beautifully steam-free.

Spa-like serenity

For many of us, a 10 minute morning shower may be the only moment of peace we get all day. That’s why more and more people want their bathroom to have a spa-like feel, for maximum R&R.

 Mirrors with LED lighting trims or colour-adjusting light capabilities can make all the difference, as wellbeing experts advise bright lights for alertness and subdued tones for tranquility, both of which can be achieved at the touch of a button.

Our Element mirror combines clever lighting with contemporary design; uniquely mounted onto a clear glass base and bordered by a radiant LED illuminated edge to the frame, it’s the ultimate eyecatching centrepiece.