1st August 2013

Elegant Rectangular & Shaped Mirrors

“Steam-free, Magnifying, Fluorescent… even Bluetooth.  Today’s choice of Bathroom Mirrors is endless and HiB, the Bathroom Mirror, Cabinet, Furniture and Lighting Specialists, have been instrumental in the design and manufacture of this new and very sophisticated generation of Bathroom Mirrors. However, whilst HiB is proud of its Mirror Mastery, the Company is just as enthusiastic about its extensive range of rectangular and shaped Mirrors. And so it should be.  After all, what would any bathroom, en suite or cloakroom be without a simple, yet classically stylish Mirror?  It’s hard to go wrong with the elegant, clean lines of Mirrors such as ‘Joshua’, ‘Jackson’ and ‘Jessica’ (shown left). This best-selling range has become the default collection for bathroom retailers, designers and specifiers seeking simplicity, versatility and quality.  There is a shape for every space and subtle detail, such as chamfered bevelled edges which is signature HiB: understated, stylishly designed and made to last.