Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Responsiblity

At HiB, we’re committed to making Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) integral to the company’s vision, and as a result, making a substantial difference to our workforce, partners and the world we live in.

Across HiB we conduct business with high standards of professionalism and ethics, not only so we are compliant with laws and regulations, but also to improve the working environment lives of our employees and preserve the environment for future generations.

As part of our efforts to strengthen CSR, we continually focus on improving, caring for our people both at work and in the community and streamlining our procurement process to meet greener initiatives and improve partner relations.

What The Environment Means To HiB

Reducing our direct impact on the environment is central to our role as a responsible business. Our dedicated CSR team actively seek opportunities to manage our waste conscientiously; reduce emissions and consumption of natural resources.


HiB works closely with various organisations on regulations such as EEE and WEEE, to increase recycling and the responsible management of waste. We regularly update our company Environmental Policy and audit departments to evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives.


With protecting the environment in mind, HiB has installed solar panels to supply power to the distribution site and has fitted efficient LED smart lighting across our warehouse and offices. We also recycle cardboard and minimise excess packaging without risking damage to our products during the delivery process. HiB is also planning the introduction of electric cars to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, an initiative we hope to expand in the future.


As we work towards a greener future, HiB is also looking to harvest rainwater to reduce our environmental impact and launch a bike to work schemes for staff members. Our product design teams are also developing environmentally-friendly product ranges and are working closely with our external partners to improve sustainability across our wider community.  

Supporting Our People

Our team are the beating heart of HiB.  With more than 100 employees, our culture creates a positive environment of inclusion, openness and care.  Ensuring we invest in our team development means that they can excel in what they do and we can achieve more together.


By giving clarity to our people on what is expected of them, guidance on how their role can be best performed and how they contribute to HiB’s success, we can create a productive atmosphere with clear job analysis and structured workflows. Our Employee Experience Team works closely with departments to champion individual growth and learning. This places an emphasis on individual development, both personal and profession, which helps people to thrive.


The physical and mental health and wellbeing of our staff is imperative. In order to care for our employees, should any mental or physical health issues arrive, we have a team of first aiders and mental health first aiders, trained to give support and advice.


By investing in our staff and supporting their development and wellbeing, we have been able to create a strong company culture, maintain high staff retention and HiB has been named as one of the best employers to work for in the Midlands. 

Improving Procurement and Streamling Processes

By focusing on our procurement processes, we can ensure that we achieve good social and environmental performance throughout our supply chain. At HiB, we have a team of dedicated employees who focus specifically on growing relationships with suppliers and partners, performing regular audits and ensuring compliance with all UK regulations and certifications – including CE marking. We are an active member of the Lighting Industry Association and work closely with our partners to gather data on how we can streamline processes.

We have a strict Factory Code of Conduct which is enforced across the workforce, extending to our suppliers and partners. HiB’s Quality Assurance team is responsible for maintaining the brand’s reputation for high quality, reliable products which are safe and responsibly manufactured.  We are continually assessing current processes by carrying out questionnaires, audits and extensive research, to ensure that the company is continually improving efficiency. We also evaluate policies and practices to make sure that they are in line with or exceed current industry best practice in both manufacturing and social compliance.

Care For Our Community

At HiB we’re committed to caring for our wider community and organise a number of fundraising, volunteering and sponsorship opportunities.


As a company, we set ambitious fundraising targets and support a number of local and national causes. As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations in 2020, HiB created an ‘Around the World in Different Ways’ challenge to raise money for the National Autistic Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK. By pledging to run, walk, cycle or swim 30,000 miles the company hopes to raise as much money as possible to increase funding.


Volunteering is also encouraged across the workforce with a number of staff joining a range of organisations such as local night shelters and hospices to support the life-changing work they do. At the beginning of 2020, staff members delivered PPE and goods to the food collection organisation Tamworth Pantry and also volunteered at a soup kitchen in London.  As this initiative continues to grow, HiB hopes to reach out to more worthy causes in the area and support employees with their desire to give back to their communities.