13th May 2020

Feel the serenity of a solar eclipse with Frontier

Imagine enjoying the magical atmosphere of a solar eclipse from the comfort of your own bathroom. Frontier is our latest design to present a contrast of angular against spherical, to offer an all-together softer yet refreshing design.

In comparison to the minimalist solutions which have dominated the market for the last few years, Frontier captures the current consumer’s desire for curvaceous features and flare for original design.

The double layered effect offers a touch of the dramatic, and the soft ambient backlight is emphasised by the soft edges of the black mirrored frame.

This eye-catching design surrounds impressive features, such as colour temperature changing LED lighting, which combined with the useful brightness control function, allows users to effortlessly adjust the ambience of their bathroom to suit their mood. Heated pads are also included which help to clear condensation for improved vision.

For those looking for a tranquil and relaxing setting to others who want to feel reinvigorating and energised, Frontier is a sleek, versatile solution guaranteed to make homeowners’ bathrooms truly stand out.

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