12th May 2017

Get Into The Groove

The new Groove cabinet from HiB is the ultimate all singing, all dancing cabinet. Groove features innovative Bluetooth technology with integrated speakers, so users can instantly jazz up their bathroom routine by wirelessly linking the cabinet to their smart device of choice. Designed to bring boutique beauty into the bathroom, the clean lines and decorative mirror profile of the Groove make it the perfect partner for any interior concept. What’s more, for a unified bathroom aesthetic, a light adjusting touch switch allows homeowners to match the LED illumination of the mirror to their central lighting, by changing it from cool white to warm white. For a convenient yet luxurious bathroom experience, every Groove cabinet includes heated pads in its mirrored doors to prevent condensation and either a single or double socket point for discreet bathroom accessory charging.* Additionally, for the perfect shave, or perhaps a quick make-up refresh, an internal illuminated magnifying mirror ensures users get it right every time. Available in three sizes, 50x70cm, 60cmx70cm, 80cmx70cm.