18th June 2020

Globe Plus: The perfect mirror for technology lovers

Delivering the very latest tech experience, as well as a relaxed ambience within the comfort of the bathroom, lies behind the design creativity of our new Globe Plus illuminated mirror.

Featuring a host of intelligent technology features, the latest addition to our range of is a must-have if you’re after a mirror that offers both style and performance.

While colour temperature changing LED illumination functionality ensures that the Globe Plus will set the right bathroom mood, when added to smart phone and Bluetooth device connectivity, it really comes into its own.

Globe Plus Bathroom Mirror Display

Globe Plus Bathroom Mirror Display

Whether catching up with a new podcast, audio book or relaxing to a favourite song – all are now possible thanks to the ingenious technology built into the Globe Plus. Two integrated speakers provide quality sound and the features don’t stop there.

Containing a two-pin charging socket for bathroom essentials and an internal heated pad to keep the mirror clear of condensation, Globe Plus is a unique and aspirational bathroom creation. The discreet digital display helps you to keep a close eye on the time and temperature, ensuring you don’t lose track of time whilst luxuriating in a warm bath.

Available in 50cm, 60cm and 80cm widths, Globe Plus is sure to be the bathroom mirror of choice for tech lovers everywhere.

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