17th October 2018

Glow Up! Shedding Light On Bathroom Style

When it comes to adding the wow-factor to a bathroom, one of our most popular features is illumination. The soft glow of an illuminated mirror or cabinet can bring a sense of true luxury to a space, regardless of bathroom size. In terms of combining glamour with practicality, cabinets with luminescent diffused sides can not only offer the on-trend glow favoured by consumers, but a chic storage solution, too. Our Paragon range is the perfect example of this. Subtle illumination radiates a mellow halo effect on to surrounding walls, whilst sensor activated colour-change lighting allows the user to tailor their experience to their preference. For added functionality, Paragon cabinets include an integrated socket, which allows bathroom essentials to remain fully charged, and tucked out of sight. Heated pads within the double sided mirror doors present yet another feature designed for seamless ease of use. These pads prevent steam from settling on the surface of the mirror whilst homeowners are bathing or showering, therefore eliminating hurdles that hamper bathroom use – either through needing to wait for the condensation to clear, or wiping it away leading to awkward smears being left on the glass. Paragon is available in four different sizes, making it a winner for small and large-scale bathrooms alike. Find out more about Paragon here.