22nd July 2019

Glow Up

Thanks to our increasingly hectic lifestyles, we are putting more and more pressure on our homes to provide us with a peaceful sanctuary away from everyday life. As a result, ambient lighting is now mainstream – and this trend is dominating bathroom design.

A relaxing lighting scheme can be achieved by avoiding a single, central ceiling fixture; instead spreading light sources around the room for a softer, gentler aesthetic.

LED strips fringing the top or bottom of furniture units, for example, can create a real style statement, opening the room up and making all the difference to the perceived size of the space.

The practicalities of LED strips in a bathroom extend beyond a beautiful lighting scheme; for example, you could incorporate a PIR motion sensor switch into the design so the lights turn on as you enter. This is ideal for when you want a subdued atmosphere, such as an evening bath or even in the middle of the night.

Lighting can have a huge effect on mood, so ambient and temperature adjusting LED lighting technology is increasingly a must-have. It can also transform the look and feel of any space, including the bathroom.