4th September 2017

HiB add SELV Fans to Range

HiB has consolidated its Hush and Breeze ventilation ranges with the launch of two brand new SELV fans. The added protection of SELV provides electricians with an extra layer of safety and total confidence in their choice of ventilation solution – and consequently real peace of mind for occupants too. Hush and Breeze, available in white or chrome, combine quiet yet powerful extraction with modern chic. The ability to mount these fans on either the ceiling or the wall allows consumers the freedom to choose what works best for their particular space, without interrupting their carefully planned décor. To ensure the room remains damp-free, Hush and Breeze offer extraction rates of 86m³/hr and 77m³/hr respectively, exceeding the minimum requirement of 54m³/hr. What’s more, the fans also operate at near silent noise levels of only 25dB and 32dB, meaning the atmosphere remains undisturbed.