1st September 2012

HiB Launch New LED Back-Lit Mirrors

HiB have introduced three distinctive back-lit LED mirror designs. All three mirrors offer the brilliant illumination of LED and the benefits of low energy consumption and exceptional bulb life, meaning the bulbs never have to be changed. Sensor switches activate all lighting and the mirrors all have heating panels to stop them from steaming up. The Louisa mirror has a distinctive geometric pattern for its LED panel which runs along two sides of the mirror. This mirror can be hung in an either portrait or landscape format. The Amber mirror has its LED strips in 3 symmetrical lines down the left hand side of the portrait style, while the portrait format Livvy design has a vertical strip design down each side of the panel. Once again HiB have shown their incomparable abilities at the cutting edge of bathroom product design. Louisa Louisa H60 x W80 x D4cm Amber Amber H70 x W50 x D4cm Livvy Livvy H70 x W50 x D4cm