1st December 2013

HiB Launches Astral, Epic & Ariel

HiB has launched a new range of LED illuminated mirrors that come complete with integrated shaver sockets. Two of the mirrors, Astral and Ariel, are portrait in format, whilst Epic is a landscape design. Each mirror features an unobtrusive, yet useful shaver socket that is discreetly concealed within the mirrors’ 5.5cm depth. Astral, which measures 70cm high by 50cm wide, features a simple, yet effective border of tiny LED dots. Epic, a generously proportioned 60cm high by 80cm wide design is illuminated top and bottom with a single run of LED spots. Ariel, which measures 80cm high by 60cm wide, features an eye-catching, continuous pattern of four LED dots that have been arranged in the shape of a square. All three mirrors are also steam free and feature a sensor switch to activate their LED lighting. IP44 rated, practical and stylish, Astral, Epic and Ariel are perfect for a wide range of bathroom settings from large, family bathrooms to compact en-suites. Ariel 77470000 Web Ariel H80 x W60 x D5.5cm Astral 77450000 Web Astral H70 x W50 x D5.5cm Epic 77460000 Web Epic H60 x W80 x D5.5cm