3rd January 2017

HiB Outlines New Ambient Style

Marrying elegant LED features with ambient lighting – a first in our long line of stunning showpiece mirrors – the new Outline mirror is as decorative as it is striking. Two thin lines of LED light frame the mirror, whilst the cool white, up and down lighting is the latest in modern lighting design, befitting of even the most architectural bathroom designs of today. Furthermore, the Outline’s decorative mirror profile means the surrounding wall is reflected, ensuring seamless integration into any bathroom setting. Continuing our reputation for smart functionality, the Outline mirror also features a sensor switch, whereby the lighting can be switched on or off by the simple movement of a hand under the sensor. In addition, it is also fitted with a heated pad to help de-mist any condensation from the centre of the mirror for crystal clear vision at all times. Outline is available in three different sizes; Outline 50 70x50cm, Outline 60 60x80cm Outline 80 80x60cm.