29th October 2019

HiB Products Gain Official Bluetooth Qualification

HiB, has gained qualification status for all of its Bluetooth enabled products as part of its ongoing commitment to quality assurance.

HiB’s Bluetooth products, including multiple mirrors and cabinets, underwent the Bluetooth Qualification Process managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), to ensure complete compliance with Bluetooth standards. These ensure global product interoperability and the maintenance of a high level user experience of Bluetooth.

In the 20 years since the launch of Bluetooth, it has entered many areas of our day to day lives. From cars to phones to smart homes, a projected 4.2 billion Bluetooth devices will be distributed in 2019. HiB pioneered the introduction of Bluetooth into the bathroom market in 2013, and since then has launched several popular Bluetooth enabled products such as its Rhythm light, Connect range of mirrors and Groove cabinets.

Neil Whitehead, QA manager at HiB, commented on the successful qualification process: “HiB’s mission from the very outset, and to the present day, is to elevate mirrors and cabinets to become homeowner ‘must haves’ and Bluetooth has been a big part of that journey in recent years. For a society which revolves around smart devices, the ability to connect in the bathroom – the most private and relaxing area of the home – is extremely valuable.”

“We have always prioritised quality and compliance, as these elements are key to providing a truly satisfying user experience. This qualification status for our Bluetooth products offers retailers and consumers the reassurance that our mirrors and cabinets provide a seamless experience, in-line with the high standards held by the Bluetooth SIG.”