1st June 2013

HiB Whips Up a Cyclone for Wet Rooms

Ventilation is, of course, a must for any bathroom. But for a wet room – bigger, steamier and well, wetter – selecting and installing the right ventilation is critical. Put simply, it’s right up there with water tight walls and fast-flowing drainage. This is where HiB’s new Cyclone inline fan comes in. Specifically designed for use within wet rooms, the Cyclone boasts an impressive extraction rate of 210m3/hour. That’s over 25% more extraction of steam, moisture and odours than a typical inline ceiling fan. Emitting a very respectable 32 decibels, HiB’s Cyclone does its job quietly and with none of the clattering sound that is all too often associated with bathroom fans. HiB’s Marketing Manager Steve Kaye says, “HiB received an excellent response from retailers and installers when it launched its original range of inline ceiling fans. So developing a more powerful product especially for wet room ventilation was the obvious next step.” Unfortunately, fans and ventilation are often seen as an afterthought by designers, retailers – and consumers, too. By the time ventilation is properly considered, it can be too late to install a product that is aesthetically appealing and effective. The result is poor quality and sometimes, noisy ventilation. Giving wet room ventilation proper consideration will avoid such scenarios. And HiB’s Cyclone fan certainly ticks the boxes. In addition to its powerful performance, the fan also comes as a complete kit. The showerlight’s fascia, using a built-in 3W LED, a high powered fan, 3 metres of flexible ducting and fixings are all included – making for a fuss-free installation. Chrome Cyclone Cyclone Fan, Chrome Ø14.5 x D1.5cm White Cyclone Cyclone Fan, White Ø14.5 x D1.5cm