26th January 2021

HiB’s fleet go the extra mile to support retailers during 2020

Supporting retailers throughout the challenges of 2020 has been at the heart of operations at HiB. Recent figures from the past 12 months have revealed that HiB’s team of drivers clocked up more than 760,000 miles to deliver orders to retailers across the UK and Ireland.
In order to continue delivering orders to retailers throughout the pandemic, drivers and warehouse loading staff have been adhering to strict social distancing guidelines along with additional PPE and safety procedures.
By maintaining fleet operations as much as possible during the year, many retailers have been able to continue with projects in line with government guidance.
Fleet Manager for HiB Craig Turner, said: “There have been a number of challenges that we have had to overcome in order to be able to continue delivering orders safely and reliably to retailers and the team has worked hard to make sure that we offer the best possible service to all our customers no matter where they are located.
“I’d like to thank the drivers for their continued efforts in making sure that deliveries arrive safe and sound.”

HiB operates a large fleet of delivery vehicles with plans to expand the department to support the growing demand for HiB products nationally and internationally. Investing in company infrastructure, good communication and forward planning, are just some of the ways that HiB has focused its efforts in pursuit of the company vision, to be a leading supplier of creative and innovative products that make bathrooms beautiful whilst working to substantially improve the lives of its people, partners and the wider community.
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