29th May 2018

His ‘N’ Hers – Bathroom Bonding

A couples bathroom is the ultimate lifestyle statement. It creates the feeling of intimacy whilst retaining a sense of individuality, with plenty of personal space for both people. Studies indicate that as people lead increasingly busy lives and spend less time at the dinner table, the bathroom is becoming the place for couples to catch up and maintain a happy relationship – with almost half now sharing the bathroom with their partner in the evening.1 So, how do you design a dual purpose space? Marrying the needs of two people within one room can be challenging, but easy to achieve with the right products. Double washbasins and two-person showers are a given, but it’s the accessories that make all the difference. An ultra-wide mirror will not only cover the space above two basins, but also reflect more light, giving the illusion of a larger, brighter room. Or for plenty of storage, try a 120cm cabinet to keep lotions and potions neatly tidied away. Some of HiB’s most popular mirror ranges such as Vega, Deco, Element and Connect are available in 120cm widths, giving customers the option of modern, traditional, illuminated or non-illuminated designs to suit their space. Many also come with integrated technology such as USB charging ports, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in demisting pads. As for cabinets, there are loads of 120cm options including Paragon, Edge and Qubic.