16th December 2019

How To Keep Your Phone Safe In The Bathroom

According to YouGov, 57% of us admit to using our phone on the toilet. However, this is not without risk, with some sources claiming that up to half of all water-damaged mobile phones in the UK have been dropped in a toilet bowl.

As our homes evolve to match our ever-more connected lifestyles, it’s natural that our bathroom accessories should follow suit to accomodate common habits such as phones in the bathroom. That being said, this increased functionality shouldn’t mean a compromise on style.

With this in mind, our designers have created a toilet roll holder which includes a shelf and anti-slip mat. Available in sleek chrome and trend-led matt black, HiB’s toilet roll holder allows you to keep your phone on hand, and out of harm’s way, without disrupting your bathroom décor.

In fact, our entire range of bathroom accessories has been created with aesthetics in mind, so you can find everything from toothbrush tumblers to toilet brushes which reflect the HiB philosophy of bringing a wow factor into your bathroom.

For versatile bathroom accessories which balance substance with style, take a look at our range today: https://www.hib.co.uk/products/accessories/