8th July 2019

Keep It Simple

Did you know that the 12th July is National Simplicity Day?

Imagine an entire day set aside to streamline the challenges and commitments that you face everyday. We live in a world that’s becoming increasingly fast-paced and often difficult to manage, which is why time to ourselves is becoming more important.

So, it’s clear why minimalist bathroom design remains a top trend.

Wall-hung furniture, for instance, is really making its mark. This option gives a more spacious effect than a free standing unit and offers an elegant, modern look that’s ideal for smaller and more contemporary spaces. Featuring sharp, angular lines and minimalistic detailing, the HiB Novum Prima range provides a generous amount of storage and transforms bathrooms into clean, immaculate spaces.

There are of course some necessary items that need to be placed on top of your bathroom counter, but try to keep clutter to a minimum by investing in some effective storage space.

Another option is a mirrored cabinet.

Where additional storage is required, a mirrored cabinet is an ideal space-saving solution for the bathroom. Whilst incorporating a mirrored surface, it also allows for you to keep clutter at bay without adding extra furniture.

For very tight spaces, and where the structure of the room will allow it, opting for a recessed cabinet, such as HiB’s recessed illuminated cabinet, Vanquish, means storage is completely hidden and there are no protrusions into the room. Designs such as this offer an effective solution for storage that sits completely flush to the wall, acting as a beautiful, illuminated mirror when closed.

So, for National Simplicity Day, take a few moments and try to simplify your life, your home, and your space.