1st September 2021

Keeping our customers informed – the latest on our product surcharges.

Across the bathroom industry businesses are having to adapt to rising costs which are most significant in the price of shipping and raw material costs.

At HiB, we’ve worked hard to absorb these cost increases and like many businesses, we have had to bring in measures to remain efficient.

Shipping rates are now at their highest levels at almost 500% above the 2020 rates. This has significantly impacted businesses not just in the bathroom sector but every industry that imports and exports into the UK.

To manage the significant rise in international shipping rates, we have introduced a surcharge on our products.

Expert forecasters predict that these soaring costs for international transport are unlikely to change soon, so for the time being the current surcharges will need to remain in place. However, we will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure that we are able to remove the surcharge as soon as possible.

We appreciate the ongoing support of all our customers and partners and look forward to sharing some exciting Product Development news with you very soon.

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