30th August 2018

Made To Measure – Our New Customisation Options

As all retailers know, no two customers are the same and every individual will have their own idea of what the perfect bathroom looks like. With that in mind, we’ve introduced an exciting new selection of customisation options for HiB Novum. Firstly, we are now offering four different countertop options; White Gloss, Basalt Slate, Natural Oak and Carrera Marble. Each countertop is specifically designed to partner with HiB Novum, which means no cutting down to size, and no wasted material. This allows retailers to give their customers the opportunity to tailor their bathroom furniture to meet their own personal taste – presenting countless new variations within our existing range. Ultra-hard wearing for long-lasting style, homeowners can choose to keep everything co-ordinated or mix and match for the ultimate colour combo, creating a world of design flexibility. What’s more, we have added vessel basins to our already varied range of washbasins. These new designs are bang on trend, and make the sink into a centrepiece in its own right. As an added bonus, vessel basins are easier to install than traditional sunken variations, as they are mounted on a counter, it is extremely simple to make plumbing connections. Available for partnership with any of our new countertops, these new sinks are bound to make a splash with style-savvy customers. Finally, in response to popular demand, we are now offering both ceramic and mineral marble washbasin options. This means that retailers can satisfy the demands of more traditional ceramic-lovers and those who prefer the look of modern marble. To find out more about HiB Novum, and the customisation options available, check out our brochure here.