16th January 2019

Magnifying Mirrors

When it comes to that all-important ‘wow factor’ in a bathroom, we know it’s the mirror that makes it. A beautiful mirror or mirrored cabinet should be the focal point of any well-designed space, that’s why we offer such a diverse range of products. But why stop at just one? Adding a smaller magnifying mirror next to the statement piece adds extra convenience and functionality, enabling an even better view when conducting bathroom routines. With some models offering up to 5 x magnification, they’re a perfect aid for delicate tasks such as eyebrow plucking or precision shaving. What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance. A choice between square or round; illuminated or non-illuminated; cool white or warm white lighting and slimline or more robust designs, ensuring there’s a look to suit all preferences. For the ultimate comfort, wall mounted designs with adjustable and extendable arms mean there is never any need to crouch or twist uncomfortably to get the perfect view. Using multiple mirror placements can really take interior design to the next level, whilst improving the bathroom experience. For more information, head over to our magnifying mirrors product page.