15th April 2016

Make A Standout Style Statement With HiB’S Zircon

Consumers looking for the latest in luxury bathroom accessories need look no further than HiB’s new Zircon mirror range. Guaranteed to ensure broad appeal, the Zircon features a stunning LED illuminated frame giving brilliant quality light ideal for putting on make-up or using the tweezers. Its sleek form and slim depth makes it ideal even in small bathrooms, while the reflection of light creates an illusion of extra space. More so, there’s no need to get all steamed up about shaving with the Zircon mirror with the integration of a heated pad helping to keep everything crystal clear. It is also operated by a sensor whereby users just need to wave their hand to turn the light on or off. Zircon can be hung either portrait or landscape and is available in 50, 60 and 80cm widths Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB comments: “Zircon is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for consumers looking to make a real style statement in their bathroom; injecting a contemporary appeal while also creating the illusion of more space and light. With sharp styling and sleek operation, we predict this as the next best-seller amongst our popular mirror portfolio.”