26th March 2018

Mood Lighting

Research has shown that a room’s lighting can affect our moods and emotions, with both the intensity and colour of light having an impact on our psychological state. Perhaps unsurprisingly, bright lights keep us alert while more subdued lighting can help us to relax, which is why it’s important to have a variety of lighting solutions in our bathrooms. Alongside the main overhead lighting, there is an increasing number of technologies which feed into the total ambience of a room. For example, mirrors which feature LED lighting trims or colour-adjusting light capabilities can either harmonise with ceiling lights or softly contrast them, allowing homeowners to create the ideal setting. Although we’re largely talking about artificial bathroom lighting here, it’s worth mentioning just how much a good source of natural lighting can improve the mood. This available light be taken advantage of by using mirrors to reflect the light and create a feeling of large, open space. Combining these two elements results in a guaranteed ‘wow’ factor which is destined to make the difference to any bathroom. Our new Element mirror, for example, is uniquely mounted onto a clear glass base, with a frosted bevelled edge which is LED illuminated for a real eye-catching finish. It also features the option to switch between bright, cool light and warmer, softer tones, with an additional memory feature which retains the owner’s preferred light colour setting – adding a bespoke element to the bathroom routine. So, whether it’s winding down for the evening with a softer, warm tone or starting the day off with vigour with the help of cooler hues, there’s something for every mood. With mood lighting at the top of the agenda for many consumers looking to enhance their surroundings, products like our Element mirror range are a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Find out more about Element mirrors here.