4th October 2019

Multi-Tasking In The Bathroom

These days, we all greater expectations, and the bathroom is no exception. Much like our phones, which can act as camera, calculator, radio, diary and more, we often look for multi-functional features in our homeware and furniture, too.

Luckily, bathroom technology has advanced rapidly in recent years to meet this demand, so everything from your cabinet to your lighting can include those little extras which make all the difference. Below are three of our top picks for a combination of multi-function magic and high-end design.


Rhythm BluetoothTM ceiling Light

Rhythm BluetoothTM ceiling Light with Remote control operation –lighting and music

Rhythm is an LED bathroom light which offers more than meets the eye. Featuring a Bluetooth-enabled speaker for outstanding sound, Rhythm allows you to play anything from your favourite song to the latest podcast, straight from your device. Including a handy remote control, you can change the volume or skip a track at the touch of a button.

What’s more, Rhythm’s lighting can be changed via remote control from cool white to warm white and through twelve different colours including red, green and blue hues, for a truly customisable bathroom experience.


Exos 50 LED illuminated cabinet

Exos 50 LED illuminated cabinet with USB Charging socket(s)

Exos combines sleek good looks with thoughtful design features and innovative technology, resulting in ultimate ease of use. The double sided mirrored doors allow the use of the mirror even when the unit is open and are fitted with heated pads, helping to clear condensation for a seamless bathroom experience.

Exos also conceals integrated charging sockets and USB points for use with electric toothbrushes, shavers and trimmers. What’s more, the cabinet also features ambient lighting below and removable ‘keep clean’ mats for that added touch of luxury.


Multi-task tech doesn’t stop at cabinets, mirrors like Connect can tick the boxes for style and substance too. Bluetooth integration and charging sockets, including USB ports, make this mirror the perfect fit for gadget gurus. What’s more, an elegant Colour temperature Changing LED profile and ambient above and below lighting effortlessly transforms any bathroom into a chic boutique-inspired space.