1st November 2021

New Maxim mirror range launched by HiB

A focal point in the bathroom that demands attention, the new Maxim mirror range from HiB offers sophisticated styling and precision illumination in abundance. Composed of three panels of mirror glass reaching up to 90cm in height and with three width options of 50cm, 60cm and 80cm, Maxim is designed to be both dramatic and elegant in the bathroom setting. Between each panel is a channel of precision LED illumination which features colour temperature changing technology so that the user can choose between a warm ambience or a cool light depending on the task. Those using the mirror can also benefit from the integrated heated pad which helps to reduce condensation on the mirrored surface. Smudges are also not an issue as the touch-free sensor used to operate the mirror improves hygiene and cleanliness.

Talking about the launch of the new Maxim mirror range, Sales Director Ash Chilver said: “It’s fantastic to be able to launch a mirror that is so unique, Maxim is unlike anything else that is currently available. Its height and statement angles draw the eye, making it a beautiful mirror to enhance the bathroom.”

For more information about the Maxim mirror, click here.

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