16th March 2020

New Verve Is The Latest In Cabinet Innovation

Not so long ago, the only types of bathroom cabinet available would have been different variations of a plain white box. Thankfully, the market has evolved and there are many exciting options to choose from.

In the 30 years we’ve been operating, it has been our mission to make bathrooms beautiful with mirrors and cabinets that act as showstopping centrepieces.

Our new Verve illuminated cabinet is the perfect example of this progressive approach to bathroom design. With its excellent internal storage and illuminated floating glass shelf to display your favourite products, it is a masterpiece in exquisite design and functionality.

Effortlessly balancing style, substance and tasteful contemporary looks, Verve is sure to offer an indulgent sense of atmosphere to any bathroom. With its double sided mirror doors and integrated LED lighting, it will give you perfect illumination for applying make-up or shaving with a simple wave of the hand.

Access to the interior offers a touch of luxury with its soft close hinges, and to top it off, Verve also contains a wealth of technology, including an integral wireless phone charger, USB port and two-pin socket to keep all of your everyday essentials fully charged and ready to go while you relax and rejuvenate.