27th November 2017

HiB offers a World of Style with Sphere

Demand for circular bathroom products has been building throughout 2017, and our latest mirror, Sphere, is the perfect way for consumers to tap into this trend for 2018. The Sphere mirrors capture the current consumer desire for curvaceous features, presenting an all together softer look than the minimalist designs which have dominated the market for the last few years. In-keeping with our flare for intuitive luxury, Sphere includes colour temperature changing LED lighting. This allows users to effortlessly adjust the ambience of their bathroom, making all the difference in creating a relaxing or reinvigorating experience. Sphere also incorporates a clever heated pad, ensuring a condensation-free mirror. This means no more waiting around for the glass to clear, avoiding mirror streaks from wiping steam away.   Sphere is available in two different sizes; 60cm and 80cm.