Dimension 80 LED Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Cabinet

A design statement that is striking when viewed from any angle, Dimension’s bold lines of illumination can be enjoyed from the front, sides and even from within the cabinet, creating a stunning focal point that is sure to impress. But it’s not just its exterior that makes Dimension different. Featuring Bluetooth® connectivity and integrated speakers, Dimension allows you to listen to much-loved music playlists, podcasts and audio books with ease.

There’s also no need to worry about your devices running out of power, as the Dimension cabinet features 2 integrated USB ports and a 2 pin socket, so you can charge your phone at the same time as your toothbrush or shaver. Useful features such as adjustable shelving, touch sensor operation and integrated heated pads to reduce condensation are neatly contained in the stylish interior, ensuring a seamless finish that is bursting with hidden technology to enhance the bathroom experience.

Dimension LED Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Cabinet

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Bluetooth® Connectivity

Connect your phone via Bluetooth®

Integrated Speakers

Enjoy your favourite podcast or playlist through two integrated speakers.

2 Pin Charging Socket

Suitable for toothbrusher, shavers and trimmers

USB Charging Socket

Ideal for charging mobile phone or toothbrushes

Key Features

  • Bluetooth® connectivity* & Integrated speakers

  • Heated pad in the mirrored door(s)

  • 2 pin integrated charging socket

  • USB charging socket

  • Adjustable glass shelving

  • Soft-close hinges

  • Illuminated Mirrored sides

  • Touch switch


Members of Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG)

*Only compatible smart phones and Bluetooth® devices

Available In Three Sizes

Dimension 50

Art No. 54500 | 50cm x 70cm x 14cm

Dimension 60

Art No. 54600 | 60cm x 70cm x 14cm

Dimension 80

Art No. 54700 | 80cm x 70cm x 14cm

Dimension LED Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Cabinet

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