22nd February 2019

Pack a Punch With Pendants

Choosing the right lighting has a huge impact on how your home looks and feels, and it only takes a few key pieces to really up the ‘wow factor’.

Adding a new pendant light to a room can instantly give the appearance of a designer home. Like spotlights glittering overhead, pendant lighting shines with a statement. They do more than just illuminate a dark corner – by selecting your pendant lighting wisely, you can add real character into the bathroom and instantly uplift your interior.

Stylish hanging lights not only look contemporary and sleek but can also be positioned to highlight and illuminate centrepiece features. Placing pendant lights either side of the mirror, for example, can make morning beauty and grooming routines quicker and easier whilst also looking chic.

If opting for more than one light, another design idea is to steer away from the more ‘uniform’ look. Typically, multiple pendant lights are arranged in a straight line, all an equal distance from the ceiling. Staggering the heights, so some hang lower and some hang higher, exudes a dramatic effect and draws attention to the fixtures.

Ultimately, whether you choose large pendants or small ones, a single fixture or multiple, opting for this style of lighting will undoubtedly transform the space and radiate elegance.

Find out more about HiB’s range of pendant lights here: www.hib.co.uk/products/lighting/pendant-lighting