3rd February 2020

Petite, Yet Chic

Styling a small bathroom can be tricky. Depending on the finishing touches applied, it can either become a cosy retreat for relaxation or a claustrophobic, cluttered nightmare.

When space is at a premium, wall mounted bathroom accessories make a huge difference. Affixing these items to the wall – such as toilet brushes, soap dispensers and tumblers – creates clean lines, looks sophisticated and frees up essential floor and counter space to give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

This approach also means you can transform everyday untidiness into a design feature. For example, a wall-mounted soap dispenser removes the need for unattractive, disposable hand soaps and even helps you to cut down on your consumption of single use plastic.

All of our wall-mounted accessories are simple to fit and stay secure even in the busiest of bathrooms, and they’re easy to clean to stay looking their best. With a multitude of styles available, from Hecto’s classic chrome look with curved edges, to Atto’s super-stylish geometric design and matt black finish, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste too.

To take it one step further, consider wall-hung furniture units to max out storage space. A wall hung unit will take up less floor space and is easier to clean than a floor standing unit, as there are no tricky nooks and crannies for dirt and grime to lurk behind.

Smaller racks and shelves can also be added to offer additional room to store belongings, such as the Link range which can be configured into over 30 different combinations to create a totally bespoke storage solution.

Combining closed cabinets with open shelving is an incredibly on-trend way to make the most of the available space. Closed storage is handy for hiding unsightly mess and disorder, whilst open storage creates the illusion of more space and allows you to proudly display your best towels and trinkets.

A beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to be huge. With the right accessories and storage solutions, you can create a stunning look that complements and enhances the space you have.