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RRP: £75.00£399.00

Versatility and customisation are at the heart of Blend’s unique look. With a range of premium finish worktops and drawer units to choose from, there are a number of design and size combinations to suit your individual style. Push to open drawers and open shelf space create a high quality, boutique hotel style with plenty of storage for all the essentials.

The layout of your bathroom has a huge impact on whether or not your design is a success. Blend offers the ability to really personalise your bathroom composition to suit you – a symmetrical setting is simple and pleasing to the eye, whereas an offset configuration can bring added interest and the opportunity to balance the composition with other elements such as a mirror.

Three distinct finishes gives you the opportunity to make your bathroom personal to you. Mix and match between Matt White, Greystone and Sherwood Oak finishes or coordinate with a colour-matched combination. Additional personal touches such as the optional black framed Basin Shelf Wall Bracket, which can be used as a practical towel rail, or the choice in complementary brassware can easily craft a boutique hotel feel. View our online brochures Here

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Wall Hung Blend Shelf

Size: W60 x H5 x D45cm – £235

  • 60cm Wide, Matt White – N18BS60MWH
  • 60cm Wide, Greystone – N18BS60GST
  • 60cm Wide, Sherwood Oak – N18BS60SWO

Size: W80 x H5 x D45cm – £259

  • 80cm Wide, Matt White – N18BS80MWH
  • 80cm Wide, Greystone – N18BS80GST
  • 80cm Wide, Sherwood Oak – N18BS80SWO

Size: W120 x H5 x D45cm – £299

  • 120cm Wide, Matt White – N18BS120MWH
  • 120cm Wide, Greystone – N18BS120GST
  • 120cm Wide, Sherwood Oak – N18BS120SWO

Wall Hung Drawer Units

Size: W60 x H24 x D45cm – £369

  • 60cm Wide, Matt White – N18DU60MWH
  • 60cm Wide, Greystone – N18DU60GST
  • 60cm Wide, Sherwood Oak – N18DU60SWO

Size: W80 x H24 x D45cm – £399

  • 80cm Wide, Matt White – N18DU80MWH
  • 80cm Wide, Greystone – N18DU80GST
  • 80cm Wide, Sherwood Oak – N18DU80SWO

Basin Shelf Wall Bracket

W4 x H20.5 x D44 cm – N18BSWBBLK

  • Black – N18BSWBBLK
Black Finish
Sherwood Oak
RRP: £75.00£399.00


  • Available in configurations from 60cm wide.
  • Available in three finishes: Matt White, Greystone and Sherwood Oak.
  • Compatible with all of our ceramic vessel basins. Eden, Harley & Ivy
  • Handle-free, push to open drawers.

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