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RRP: £629.00£786.00

Bluetooth Speaker Bathroom Cabinet

These mirrored aluminium cabinets feature Bluetooth® connectivity and integrated speakers, so you can enjoy your favourite playlist or podcast.

The cabinets also incorporate LED colour temperature changing lighting. Choose cooler whites for early morning invigoration, or warmer  whites for relaxing at the end of a long day.

Hidden benefits include discreet charging sockets and an illuminated magnifying mirror inside the cabinet for personal grooming or applying make-up. Click Here to view more bathroom cabinets

Groove 50, 48400 – 50cm x 70cm x 14cm

Groove 60, 48500 – 60cm x 70cm x 14cm

Groove 80, 48600 – 80cm x 70cm x 14cm


Here at HiB, we’re on a mission to make bathrooms beautiful.

Home is where the heart is, and when it comes to the bathroom,we all need a space which soothes the body and stirs the soul. Our desire at HiB, is to help homeowners find their signature bathroom style and provide the ‘wow’ which comes from a beautifully styled interior.

We believe in perfection made personal, and our extensive collection of bathroom products has eye-catching options for everyone. Whether their dream bathroom is cool and contemporary, traditional and timeless, or artfully avant-garde, our range of lighting, mirrors, cabinets and furniture helps our customers to create their dream design without compromise.

HiB has created a huge change within the industry. Before the brand’s inception, bathroom mirrors and cabinets were seen as add-on products. Today, as a result of HiB’s cutting-edge design, our range of products have been elevated to show-stopping ‘must haves’, revolutionising the bathroom sector to an unprecedented degree.

As an industry innovator, HiB pioneered technology such as LED lighting, steam-free mirrors and cabinets, built-in USB charging sockets and Bluetooth connectivity.

Our hard-earned reputation in the industry has been built upon outstanding innovation and peerless quality, but above all else, our commitment to revolutionising design and ‘making bathrooms beautiful’.

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RRP: £629.00£786.00


  • Colour temperature changing LED illumination
  • Bluetooth® connectivity*
  • Integrated speakers Heated pad in the mirrored door(s)
  • 2 pin integrated charging socket(s)
  • Internal illuminated magnifying mirror
  • Double-sided mirrored door(s)
  • Soft-close hinges
  • Central divide(s) on Groove 60 and 80 for more effective storage
  • Mirrored sides
  • Sensor switch

*Only compatible smart phones and Bluetooth® devices

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