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RRP: £629.00£786.00

These mirrored aluminium cabinets feature Bluetooth® connectivity and integrated speakers, so you can enjoy your favourite playlist or podcast.

The cabinets also incorporate LED colour temperature changing lighting. Choose cooler whites for early morning invigoration, or warmer  whites for relaxing at the end of a long day.

Hidden benefits include discreet charging sockets and an illuminated magnifying mirror inside the cabinet for personal grooming or applying make-up.

Groove 50, 48400 – 50cm x 70cm x 14cm

Groove 60, 48500 – 60cm x 70cm x 14cm

Groove 80, 48600 – 80cm x 70cm x 14cm

RRP: £629.00£786.00


  • These cabinets are fitted with a heated pad in the mirrored door, that helps to clear condensation from the central area of the mirrored door.
  • Play music or listen to internet radio from your smart phone or other Bluetooth™ devices.*
  • Two integrated charging sockets, suitable for toothbrushes, shavers & trimmers.
  • Internal illuminated magnifying mirror.
  • Central divide for more effective storage.
  • These cabinets have a decorative mirror profile that reflects the wall/tile, so the cabinet matches the style of your bathroom.
  • Light adjusting touch switch, press the button to turn on & off or hold to change colour temperature from cool white to warm white. The cabinet will keep this selection every time you turn it on & off.

*Only compatible smart phones & Bluetooth™ devices

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