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RRP: £114.00£143.00

Triumph’s classic, understated design will never go out of fashion. Its simplicity is complemented by reflective mirrored edges, which catch the light from all directions to create a stunning bathroom feature.

Triumph 50, 78100000 – £114

  • 70 x 50cm

Triumph 60, 78300000 – £143

  • 80 x 60cm

Triumph 80, 78200000 – £143

  • 60 x 80cm
RRP: £114.00£143.00


  • These mirrors have a decorative mirror profile that reflects the wall/tile, so the mirror matches the style of your bathroom.
  • A bevelled edge on the mirror, catches the light and creates an interesting visual effect.
  • Optional D2 Demista pad

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