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RRP: £576.00£734.00

Light up the room with Vapor. As you step in front of the beautifully designed mirrored doors, a proximity sensor activates radiant LED illumination and internal heated pads, which stay on for five minutes after you move away. This means you can light up your mirror, jump in the shower, and come back to mist-free glass. Ambient lighting under the cabinet adds an additional sense of luxury for an atmospheric look and feel.

Vapor 50, 51400 – 50cm x 70cm x 12.2cm

Vapor 60, 51500 – 60cm x 70cm x 12.2cm

Vapor 80, 51600 – 80cm x 70cm x 12.2cm

RRP: £576.00£734.00


• LED illumination
• Ambient under cabinet lighting
• Heated pad in the mirrored doors
• Integrated charging sockets
• USB Charging ports
• Mirrored back panel
• Double sided mirror doors
• Central divide(s) on Vapor 60 & 80 for more effective storage
• Proximity sensor (Run on timer – 5 minutes)


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