Pico Grab Bar

Size: W350 x D60 x H30 mm
RRP: £109.00

Pico 60cm Towel Rail

Size: W640 x D50 x H20 mm
RRP: £95.00

Pico Wall Mounted Tumbler

Size: W80 x D100 x H120 mm
RRP: £65.00

Shower Squeegee and Holder

Size: W240 x D20 x H170mm
RRP: £35.00
RRP: £86.00
RRP: £92.00

Corner shower basket – removable tray

Size: W160 x D170 x H70mm
RRP: £75.00

Shower basket – removable tray

Size: W220 x D110 x H70mm
RRP: £75.00

Corner two tier shower basket modern

Size: W160 x D170 x H380mm
RRP: £149.00

Corner shower basket traditional

Size: W190 x D190 x H80 mm
RRP: £69.00

Shower basket traditional

Size: W260 x D120 x H80 mm
RRP: £69.00
RRP: £149.00
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