3rd November 2016

Rebrand a Success

HiB rebranded in January 2016. Now, nearly a year later we assess the results. Robert Ginsberg comments: “It’s hard to believe that it was only this January when we officially launched our new brand identity, yet already the impact it has already had, has been unprecedented”. “Without doubt it’s helped lift our company profile, attracting us to new retailers and driving growth. Both sales of our core HiB range and our HiB Novum furniture, which was also rebranded, have increased exponentially. “But more than this. It has been great to see our ethos ‘making bathrooms beautiful’, which depicts the importance mirrors and cabinets can play in creating a bathroom which truly wows, has really resonated with our customers. From retailers showing these products more prominently in their showroom displays, through to  consumers placing greater precedence on them when buying a bathroom, we’ve noticed a definitive shift whereby these once ‘final touches’ are now considered much earlier on in the design process. “Lastly, given that everyone in the business has been part of our rebrand journey, it has had a great impact on boosting morale. Our staff retention throughout the company is very high, with members of staff serving more than ten to fifteen years, and we have had 10 new employees start this year to help with the growth of demand on the company. We’re excited to see what 2017 has in store and start hitting some more milestones!”