26th May 2016

Slick Bathroom Storage From HiB

The Stratus is an ideal choice for discerning customers seeking a storage solution which isn’t just slick in design but guaranteed to inject a real ‘wow’ factor into their bathroom. The cabinets have a sleek, angular form, while LED lighting, both outside and inside, helps to ensure illumination from every angle. In addition, the integration of heated pads in the mirror doors makes sure they keep consistently clear. Further features include integrated charging sockets, suitable for toothbrushes, shavers and trimmers, and a sensor switch whereby users wave a hand by the sensor to turn the light on and off. Double-sided mirror doors meanwhile mean consumers can use a mirror when the door is open. Steve Kaye, Marketing Director at HiB said: “While the bathroom cabinet was once considered quite a low priority in the design chain, recent years have seen it take precedence as more consumers recognise the huge impact it can have on their bathroom look and feel. “With this in mind, Stratus has been designed to provide the height of cool contemporary design for the style-conscious consumer while ticking all the functional boxes – ensuring broad appeal for all styles and tastes.” The Stratus 50 single door cabinet is priced at around £499 whilst the larger two door version Stratus 60 cabinet is priced at around £549.