28th January 2016

Staying Ahead of The Curve In 2016

“Bathrooms are continuing to move away from a conventional angular feel, with consumers abandoning flat doors and sharp square corners in favour of natural curves.”  Comments Steve Kaye, marketing director at HiB “With the right design and planning, curves can create a feeling of space by softening the edges of the bathroom.  Plus, by mixing and matching the rounded corners of their bathroom furniture , consumers can create a look that is truly unique.” “Most recently, for example, we have introduced a variation on our best-selling flagship Globe mirror – the Orb. Simple yet striking in design, the Orb mirror features a contemporary, curved form and elegant backlit glow, adding a soft yet dramatic impact to ‘making bathroom’s beautiful’.” “As with all HiB mirrors, the Orb range is fitted with a heated pad to keep it steam free and crystal clear at all times. Also, each mirror includes the latest in LED technology resulting in not only a brilliant illumination but optimal energy saving and is sensor activated – for ultimate ease of use.” The Orb mirror is available in two sizes (Orb 50 Mirror, H70 x W50cm) and (Orb 60 Mirror, H80 x W60cm) and can be hung landscape or portrait. Orb 60 on tile