1st October 2012

Stellar Cabinet Designs from HiB

Mars and Jupiter are two new Aluminium Bathroom Cabinets from specialists HiB, featuring a very stylish design with clean and sleek side panels. Mars is a single door cabinet with both sides of the doors having mirrored surfaces. The Jupiter design has twin double-sided mirrored doors and the interior of both cabinets contains adjustable glass shelves. These cabinets are quick and easy to install and the reflective surfaces enhance the special feeling with the room and make it lighter. The storage they offer is quickly appreciated and the neutral aluminium finish along with modern geometrical shapes help the cabinets to adapt to any contemporary bathroom design. Mars and Jupiter – another two beautiful cabinet designs from HiB, masters of contemporary bathroom products design. Mars Jupiter Mars                                                                  Jupiter W30 x H70 x D14.5cm                            W45 x H70 x D14.5cm