14th November 2018

Stylish Space Saving Tricks To Make The Most Of An Ensuite

An ensuite bathroom is a very personal room that guests don’t often see, meaning it can be tailored perfectly to suit your customer’s tastes. However, they are usually quite small, so you need to employ stylish tricks to make the most out of the space. Intelligent use of lighting is crucial for making the ensuite work at all times of the day. Bright lighting can help the room feel airy and welcoming, but this can be harsh on tired eyes during the evening. Conversely, soft lighting is great for early mornings, but can leave an ensuite feeling dingy in the daytime. So, why compromise when you can have both of these? The trick is to create layers of lighting with LED detailing on bathroom furniture, mirrors and cabinets, as well as separate overhead lighting for practicality. As well as lighting, space-saving accessories are an essential for a small room and can be both practical and stylish. Our Vanquish cabinet is a perfect example of this, as it is recessed and features adjustable lighting. Being built into the wall keeps it flush with the rest of the ensuite, whilst its LED framing allows the mood of the room to be customised even further. Washbasins can also be integrated into storage cabinets, rather than having a separate cabinet which cuts into your valuable space premium. Our Arc range offers both floor standing and wall-mounted cabinets that are topped with a deep mineral marble washbasin. These simple tricks generate the illusion of more space and add a personal touch that makes the ensuite feel like a true extension of the bedroom, rather than an attachment to it.